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Finding the right puppy was easy with the help of Liz, she showed me different litters and was really patient with me. I had requested more pictures or videos than the original ones I picked him from. The pictures never came! I felt pictures were part of the process, especially for the price of the puppies. Waiting 6 weeks without hearing a word on what your puppy is doing, and seeing how he’s changing was disappointing! My puppy delivery was great! She called, and was right on time.

Christine B. / Pennsylvania

Kojac (Axel)

Oh my! Where to start! maltipoopuppiesnearme was on the spot! So much communication! They were very attentive! My boy arrived on time and was very calm at the time! However, peppy doesn’t describe him! He is like the Energizer Bunny! Takes a lickin keeps on tickin! He definitely is a heart throb! He is going through training so he will become the awesome dog that I know he is! His predecessor was a true blessing from God and I know he is too! He is a beautiful baby! Kudos to his breeder!

Pamela F. / Alabama

She is adorable! Her name

She is adorable! Her name is Darby and she arrived in great condition and adjusted to our family beautifully. She came with updated shots, health records and passed my own vet exam with no issues. This is my third time using the maltipoopuppiesnearme and I have had only positive experiences. They now use their own planes so no more flying your fur baby in cargo and they are accompanied the entire time. Delivery was right to my home

Diane B. / New Jersey

Love our Maltipoo I was

Love our Maltipoo. I was hesitant to purchase a puppy over the internet but he did arrive safely and healthy. I did not feel that maltipoopuppiesnearme followed up very well after the purchase was made. Your told you will have a puppy specialist contact you and give you updates.

Cara B. / California

Amazing experience

The professionalism of the team here on maltipoopuppiesnearme was amazing. I loved the constant communication while we waited for our new family member. We couldn’t be any happier with our experience.

Nichole R. / New York

I was very pleased with

I was very pleased with this company. They never allowed any doubt or miscommunication and always stayed up to date with whatever information they had in regards to my Maltipoo arriving. I will highly recommend this company to whomever asks me how to go about adopting a new puppy.

Michael M. / New Jersey