Teacup, Toy & Miniature Maltipoo Puppies

Maltipoo Hybrid Dog Breed Information. This popular mix is a combination of a Maltese and a Poodle. Known for their fun, devoted, and affectionate nature, these adorable dogs make wonderful pets for all kinds of families and living spaces. They are clever and quick to learn, and come in a variety of colors. The Maltipoo will charm your socks off, and then curl up on your feet to keep your toes warm! Maltipoos are affectionate and gentle.

Maltipoo puppies are affectionate, adorable, all-round companion dogs. They do well in most living situations and have fewer health problems than most toy dog breeds.  Maltipoo puppies are surprisingly energetic and need a good deal of human attention to keep from destructive behavior. The best thing any owner can do for their Maltipoo is to spend time with it. Maltipoo Hybrid Dog Breed Information. Learn More

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